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Dispose of unnecessary belongings (if you haven't used it in a year)
Sell it...Give it away...Throw it out!
Have a working phone on moving day (cell phone)
Defrost and clean fridge day before moving day
Clean stove and remove racks and tape them together
Make sure boxes are secure and taped shut (top and bottom)
Arrange separate transportation for people and pets
Tape together shelves, brooms, mops etc. same size
Take the platter out of the microwave
Do not exceed 35 lbs. per box
Take shelves out of china cabinet and tape together
Tape doors on the china cabinet shut
Dresser doors either taken out or taped shut
If left in the dresser the drawers should be empty
Disassemble beds...Tape crib parts together
Mirrored dressers disassembled 
Containers that might spill are not to be packed  in boxes
Do not mix food with cleaners in boxes
Rap all cords on lamps etc.
Stereo equipment must be in secure boxes
Remove light bulbs from lamps
Fit lamp shades together if possible
Disassemble anything that might not fit out the door
Acquire plastic sheets for the floor on moving day
Ask us to bring plastic covers for mattresses click here for prices