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P. A. System

24/4/2 Yamaha Mixer (Mains)
12/3 H&H Mixer (Monitor)
Alesis Midi Reverb
DBX Compressor
DBX Quad Noise Gate And Expander
Alesis M-EQ230 
Apex Aural Exciter
BBE Unimax Sonic Maximizer
Ashley SC-70 3 Way Electronic Crossover 
150' Snake Plus Returns Snake
1600 Watts Bass Power
600 Watts Midrange 
400 Watts High End 
750 Watts Side Wash (3 way active)
250 Watts Floor Monitors (3 monitors)
2 /Double Loaded Clips
2 /Single Loaded Clips
4 /45/60's
2 /JBL Long Throw 36' Horns
2 /5 way Bullet Arrays
All Speakers Are JBL Except clips (EV'S)

Light System

24 k Lights (ETA) 32 Bulbs
1500 Watt Follow Spot
12 Channel Analog Mixer
Scaffolding TV Tower All Black
8'/8'/2' Drum Riser
Hot Water Dry Ice Machine (CO2)

Audio Video Recording
By Book-em Demo Productions

48 Track Mobile Recording Unit
HD Video Capture

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